World Map of Female to Male Productivity Ratio

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For each country, the FMRatio, F1can be calculated as:

where F3 denotes the fractional counts of publications by female authors, and F4 denotes the fractional counts of publications by male authors.

For an individual publication, the fractional contribution of female (or male) is the proportion of female (male) authors on that publication. For instance, in a publication with four authors, where one is female and three are male, the factional count of female authors would be ¼, and the fraciontal count of male authors ¾. Therefore, the fractional counts of publications by female authors in each country can be calculated as follows:

where F6 is the number of female authors in publication i,F7 is the total number of authors in publication i, and there are k publications produced by this country.

For each discipline in the UCSD overlap map, the FMRatio is calculated using the formula above, but aggregated at the level of discipline instead of country.

Please note that the number of papers displayed in the map reflects the total papers produced by each country, a proportion of which we were unable to assign gender for. For the number of papers with author gender assigned, please refere to Table S5.


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